“Historical” support on board

“Großväterland” is a project that started on the web and will be made possible through the web. So it is no surprise that our historian for the project found us via the web as well. We were already in contact with several historians but when PhD Christian Hardinghaus read about “Großväterland” on our Facebook-Page he contacted me immediately as we share a mutual friend. A week later Markus, Christian and me had a Skype-Call and Christian laid out how he would like to support “Großväterland”:

As a PhD in history and an expert in WWII and the concern of “Großväterland” is an affair of the heart for him, too. He will be responsible for factchecking and the waterproving the history behind the stories.

Furthermore as a trained lector, writer and journalist he will work on the german website and the final versions of the episode-scripts before they are going to be drawn by Markus.

We are really happy to have Christian on board!