Next comic episode will contain extensive background information on WWII

We already mentioned it recently: Your feedback helped us a lot to tweak some things concerning Grossväterland. On the one hand side we now offer a Paperback Edition for 30$.

30enOn the content-side we also integrated some of your impulses. The next episode named OTTO will use a different narrative-structure as KARL. But the much more important change will be the 2 pages of historical backgrounds that will accompany the episode.

Back in the episode called KARL we integrated the historical information into the narrative flow. That didn’t only irritated some readers but also didn’t give us enough room for the important background information to place the experiences of our witnesses into a historical context. So the next and soon to be published episode called OTTO will contain text and pictures as addon material that will explain the events happening in the comic.

You can see a little (german) preview of the background material in the picture above.

We are curious how you will like the new episode and are looking forward to your feedback again so we can improve Grossväterland even more.

And of course we would really appreciate it, if you would order Grossväterland. You can find all the available packets over here at Indiegogo ready to order.