Großväterland worldwide … But: We need your help!

Wow! Take a look the map. It shows all the countries from which visitors come to our crowdfunding campaign. It’s great to see, how people all over the world are interested in the graphic novel. Fact is: We get a lot of positive feedback and tons of likes on social media. We are sure: People love our project and the idea behind it.

Though we are  honestly way behind our schedule in terms of funding.

If we’d now could convert this interest into real funding, it probably would be no problem to reach our goal in no time.

What do you think? What’s holding people from funding Großväterland? And if you’re one of those, who are interested, but did not yet fund Großväterland: What’s holding you back? We are interested in your honest opinion.

Please comment below this post or reach out via email.

And if you think: “What the hell! I’m going to help those guys!” here’s your link to the campaign.