Großväterland – an update

Dear supporters of Großväterland,

as some time has passed since we last gave you an update on our progress, we’d like to inform you today about where we stand.

We are on our way and the idea we had last winter turns out very well. Thanks to your support and a very decent covering in the press we were able to win the trust und stories of a dozen german eye witnesses of WW2. There is Hans-Werner, a former Stuka pilot, Wigand, one of the last living veterans of Stalingrad. We spoke to Paul, a survivor of D-Day.


These are just three exciting examples of soldiers of the Wehrmacht we were able to interview. But also Ellen, a half-jew who told us about her dramatic escape out of Breslau and Martha, who survived numerous bombing raids on german city out of pure luck. In short terms: The interviews are done, the illustrations are in the making.

Some insights can always be found on our Facebook page.

Altogether there will be more stories in the final book than planned. Alex, one of the project founders had to leave Großväterland out of private reasons. Because of this, Christian and Markus had to solve the interviews on our own. Time that was lost in the illustration process. On the other side we are in promising talks with a german comic book publisher, whose willing to publish Großväterland beyond the crowdfunding. We’ll say more as soon as we can and are allowed to.

This all adds up to the fact, that we cannot hold on to our initial schedule. After researching, finding our witnesses and talking to them we are sure that our plan to release Großväterland in the fall of 2015 was somewhere between optimistic and naive. A topic so important and so demanding needs more time and sure instinct. We have to stand up to our promise to deliver a graphic novel that holds up to the responsibility for the women and men whose stories are told and the historical facts.

As you can see: The project is more than alive. After all we are sure that this graphic novel, which we can only make because of yours and every single contribution is just the beginning of something.

We hope that these information can answer some questions and that you still follow our path with excitement und curiosity. Because that’s one thing we can promise for sure: Your patience will be awarded.

Should there be any further questions, comments etc. please do not hesitate to write an email to We will answer each message as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time
Markus Freise and Christian Hardinghaus