Großväterland – Crowdfunding closed due to publishing deal

On March, 21st 2016 our crowdfunding campaign ended for good. A few days earlier we agreed with a german publishing house – Panini – about a publishing deal which will bring Großväterland in to comic stores – at least in Germany.

This important milestone makes us very happy, as Panini is the publishing house which is responsible for nearly everything DC and Marvel Comics related in Germany

Do you know anyone in the comic publishing sector in your country?

As this deal is for German language region only, we are very interested to find an even sophisticated publishing partner in your country. So if you are from a publishing house or know someone who might be interested, feel free to contact us vial email at



For now we need to thank everyone who supported us in the last 18 month.

Crowdfunding edition will ship in the summer of 2016

If you happen to be one of these generous people, be assured, that everything is on track and we will ship your exclusive preordered crowdfunding edition this summer.

The cover of our graphic novel

To celebrate this important milestone, we are happy to present you the cover of our graphic novel. So officially it’s labeled “temporary”, we are quite sure that this is it. Of course in your english language edition the subline will be translated. But that’s one of the many things still to be done.

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