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Großväterland is a German expression meaning “Grandfatherland” we created as the title of our crowdfunding-project. The project-goal is a graphic-novel that tells german war-stories from the Second World War.

  • The stories are told from the perspective of living eyewhitnesses. We don’t want to tell the history of WWII but stories from WWII. Stories that really happened but haven’t been told in public.
  • In Grossväterland some of the last eye-whitnesses of the most horrible wars in human history get the important opportunity to report about their fate to posterity – without sugarcoating or lecturing. We could and should listen to them as long as wen can!
  • The stories of our protagonists are going to be put in the right historical context by one of the experts in our project-team. We not only distance ourselves from approbiation by right-wing extremists and (Neo-) Nazis but are also going to donate parts of the revenue of Grossväterland to a anti-fascist NGO.


For preliminary financing we would like to collect the minimu-budget of 18.000,00$ (14,000 EUR)  through an international crowdfunding campaign to carry out “Großväterland”. Funding beyond this amount is possible and would really enhance the extent of research, the overall quality of the project and the contents of the finished product.

Some words on the title

The word “Großväter” in the title represents people, who lived at the time of the Second World War and have been affected by this time forever. Including women, children, the Aged, and of course men and women fighting as soldiers or working as supply units. Those causing the misery and destruction of the Second World War, and at the same time suffering from both. Voluntarily, by a sense of duty or forced – in each case they were there and what they did and experienced happened. We want to let these living eye whitnesses tell their stories themselves.

What are the next steps?

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