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General questions

What is “Großväterland”?

Let’s take a look at the article Großväterland for Beginners.

Why a graphic-novel about WWII?

For Markus and Alex as well as for a lot of Germans the stories and narratives of their grandparents about the war are still present and we want to let them have their say. Furthermore we want to conserve this view into the past for younger generations.

Why did you chose the medium comic?

We explain that in a blog article in detail. We followed a tradition of the historic and documentary comic when we decided to use this medium. Famous works like “Maus” by Art Spiegelmann, “Putain de guerre” by Tardi, “The Wall” by Maximilien Le Roy or “Alan’s War” by Emanuel Guibert gave distinction to that genre.

Okay. Can I see something of your work?

Sure. Here are two examples:

Prologue of Großväterland

Episode 1 – “Karl”

Organization and financing

And what is this crowdfunding?

It is a modern form of financing that we are using to bring this project to life. It means: You can buy a product before it is produced – so that we can start working on it and bring it to reality.
We explain all about crowdfunding here in this article.

What am I am going to get for my money?

You can find alle perks on the campaign page at Indiegogo.


I would like to help to promote “Großväterland”. How can I do that?

We put all information for you together on this site here.

Implementation and content

Where can I find out more about “Großväterland”?

We put up a guideline, that links you to all information about Großväterland.

How comprehensive is the book going to be?

We are planning for 120 pages – english and german language combined. The comic episodes will take up round about 40 pages each. The rest will be used for an appendix to show you background information and more about the persons that told us their stories.

Depending on how good the campaign will perform, we are planning on increasing the pages accordingly to the stretchgoals.

When is the book going to be released?

The research for interview-partners and the interviews with the contemporary whitenesses itself will start directly after the successful funding of the campaign and is planned for January until March 2015.

Markus will start drawing in March 2015 and we are heading for a release of “Großväterland” in fall 2015. During the whole project we will keep you up to date about the progress here on the site with recent info and pictures.

Interviews with contemporary whitnesses

I know somebody who lived through WWII. How can he or she tell you their story?

Great! We are looking forward to get in contact with eye whitnesses who like to talk with us. Please drop us a line with your contactdata at

Or via phone: +4917655533603

We will respect the wishes of the people as much as possible (like anonymization for example). “Großväterland” is all about a really respectful and serious handling with this sensible topic.

This person I know doesn’t want to talk about her war-memories with a stranger

We can understand and respect that. Please write me an e-mail at and we find a solution in this case.

How is an interview done?

We are interested in the stories and memories of the people. The less Alex asks and the more he can listen the better. The question we will start the conversation with is the one we ask our own grandparents: “How was it during the war?”. After that it depends on where the narrations will lead us.

Why don’t you use sources like books or movies?

The personal – never heard – stories are really important for us. Ideally we are allowed to record the voice of the people talking to us so that Markus can listen to the stories while drawing the episodes. So that he can build in little details and the athmosphere that is often not reproduced in books.

Handling of political and historical responsibility

Are you afraid of attracting Nazis to the project?

We are fully aware of this danger. But also we are aware of the political and historical responsibility. Because of this we are going to donate at least 7% of all fundings to organizations who stand up against fascism and extrem right wing politics.

How do you ensure that the information that the book will represent are correct?

We collaborate with academic historians, who will prove the narratives and put the subjective stories into a neutral historic context. Further more we have an academic expert especially on the topic “history in comics” on board. With Dr. Christian Hardinghaus one of our team members we’ve got an historical expert on board, whos expertise is The Third Reich.



Okay, I’m in. What now?

That’s easy: Please visit the campaign on Indiegogo.

I have another question. How can I ask you

Yeah sure! The best way is to write a mail at both of us and

You will find our phone-numbers here.

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