A digital Press kit can be downloaded as a ZIP file. It contains

  • Press release as Word file and PDF
  • Photo of the team
  • Mockup of book cover
  • Prologue Graduating class as printable PDF and JPEG
  • One page comic Normandy as printable PDF and JPEG
  • First full episode Karl as printable PDF and JPEG
  • Logo Großväterland

Press Requests

Please contact us via

All illustrations and photos © Markus Freise. You are allowed to use every picture for your coverage licence-free if mentioning the source

Press kit includes the following high-res pictures

Photo of the Team


Mockup of book cover


Prologue Graduating class

Teaser Schulklasse en

One page comic Normandy


First full episode Karl

Großväterland-E01-Cover Großväterland-E01-P1 Großväterland-E01-P2 Großväterland-E01-P3 Großväterland-E01-P4 Großväterland-E01-P5

Logo Großväterland


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