It is impossible to touch the topics of WWII and the “Wehrmacht” without throwing a critical and aware look  on the aspects of National Socialism. We are 100% aware of that fact. Nevertheless we won’t be discouraged by this and the main-idea of “Großväterland” consists on telling the war-experiences of our grand-parents and great-grand-parents.

It will be inevitable for us to respect these aspects again and again in the progress of the project. And those aspects will be integrated in the stories where necessary. They are an inextinguishable part of the legacy of that war.

We are aware of that responsibility.

During the whole project we stay in contact and conversation with institutions that consult us how we can deal with this topics in a sensitive manner.

We are going to donate 7% of the funding-sum of Grossväterland to organizations that fight actively against racism and fascism. We are not going to sell the products of Grossväterland to designated right-wing or fascist organizations or persons. 

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