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“Großväterland” is a serious and extensive project that we need a lot of supporters for. We would really appreciate it if you would read this page completely so that you can get an overview about the many options how you can help us with the project.

Financial Support

“Großväterland” is a crowdfunding project. That means: You as a funder makes the project possible. The way you do that is buy buying the book before it is actually released. This way of pre-financing with money and trust allows us to start with the work of research, interviews, drawing, layout and print the actual book. Here you can learn more about how crowdfunding works.

You know soldiers and people who remember WWII?

The book will live on the real-life stories of people that we will collect in the coming months. The first contacts to people that are willing to tell us from their time in the war are already there but we are looking forward to every single contact and story we can get.

Please contact us via

It would be great, if they spokeGerman but its not a necessity.

Promote the project to your friends

You know that some of your friends are comic-fans? Or people who are interested in the history of WWII? Or people in general who are excited about great projects and like to buy really unique products: Please, recommend the link of to them.

And even better: Share the project as often as you like on TwitterFacebook or Google+ with your friends. The result can be really interesting and helpful contacts for us. Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody that maybe can support us in a way we might not think of now.

With your help we are going to bring “Großväterland” and its stories on paper and into your hands!

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