What is crowdfunding?

A project like “Großväterland” is a responsible and really complex task that takes a lot of time and effort. So for us to take up the project as serious and professional as possible we decide to finance it via crowd-funding.

Crowdfunding is a modern form of financing a project in which a large number of people – a crowd – to take serious stock and interest in a product. So they buy a variation of the later product in advance from one of the financingpackages called perks. For those perks you get an equivalent value.

In case of “Großväterland” those perks are going to be e.g. different editions of the graphic-novel like a digital version, a printed book, limited collectors editions. But there will also be exclusive packages with handmade drawings, collections of sketches, take influence on the content and much more. So crowdfunding is some kind of financing in advance of product that is not manufactured yet.

To make the product possible the crowdfunding allows to collect the minimum budget in a given time – round about 60 days. Can the needed sum – or more – be collected in that given time, the project can start. It is possible to collect more of the minimum budget. If that happens (called stretchgoals) – some extra-features are going to be available. If there aren’t enough supporters the project won’t be done and all funders get there money back completely.

The minimum budget for “Großväterland” is approximately 18,000 US-Dollars (or 14,000 Euros).

“Großväterland” (hopefully) will profit from the fact that with Markus Freise one of the team members already did a successful crowdfunding comicproject in 2014.

He says about it:

“My last project – the Comicbook ONE was made possible this way. I will use the awesome experiences I was able to make via the success of ONE. for “Großväterland” as well. Which is going to be an even bigger challenge. Not only in an artistic sense but with regard to the serious background. But espacially because of the amount of work, research and needed minimum budget. Nevertheless I am really sure that “Großväterland” will hit the minimum budget of 18,000 Dollars. We will see if it stretches over that. I am really excited. The advantage of crowdfunding is that I can see in advance as an artist if people are excited about my project. Depending on the amount of funding, a lot is possible.”

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